VRNET.IO – Professional 3D to VR solutions


VRNET is an Estonian company located in Tallinn, dedicated to helping property developers, architects and real estate companies enter the new and exciting market of virtual reality demos/visualizations. Our VR Showroom product allows quick and easy conversions of your 3D designs into virtual reality showrooms. Easily convert your 3D projects to Virtual Reality (VR).

We started working on virtual reality solutions for the property industry at the hackathon in Ukraine in October 2015. We now have professional VR solutions that are highly customised for the specific needs of architects, property developers, interior designers and realtors looking to use virtual reality as part of their workflow and sales by creating VR property visualizations. Our technologies allow us to work with up to 10 times more complex models and scenes than our competitors, allowing our VR showrooms and visualisations to run smoothly on lower end mobile VR headsets and web browsers, as well as high end, pc based VR headsets.

Our mission is to provide beautiful virtual reality VR for architecture, virtual reality VR for property development, virtual reality VR for interior design and virtual reality VR for real estate companies, allowing architects, developers, interior designers and clients to easily explore the designed space in a 3D world that is as close to reality as possible.


Why is VR important to the property industry?

Currently, architectural designs are created on 2D screens. We, of course, live in a 3D world. As good as our imagination can be, we struggle to understand how these 2D designs will feel in our 3D world. 3D printouts and videos can help us to understand how the property will look, but not how the 3D space will feel. Virtual reality is the perfect bridge between design and real world property.

We can explore the architectural design in the 3D world that we understand, we can get a sense of space, of distance, of light, of how each room connects. Architects can quickly identify problems that are not always obvious in the 2D world, property developers can provide accurate feedback because they are in a world they fully understand, away from 2D blueprints and mockups. Once the project is complete, the VR showroom then becomes a sales tool for realtors to sell the property. You can explore some of our projects in VR Showroom Gallery.

VRNET.IO - Meet the team

Artem Batogovsky
Co-Founder, CEO

Anastasiia Zahorodniuk
Co-Founder, COO

Andriy Kobzar
Principal 3D developer

James Birch
Creative Director

Artem Lysyi
Applications Developer

Mikita Tokariev
Plugins Developer

Eugene Gorun
CAD architecture expert

Igor Shalin
CAD architecture expert

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