VRNET.IO – Professional 3D to VR solutions


VRNET is an Estonian company located in Tallinn, dedicated to helping property developers and architects to enter the new and exciting market of virtual reality showrooms. Our VR Showroom and VR Studio products allow quick and easy conversions of your vision into virtual walkeable spaces.

We start working on Virtual Reality solution for architecture at the hackathon in Ukraine in October 2015. Now we have professional solutions that are highly customized for specific needs of real estate developers and architects. Our technologies allow us to work with up to 10 times more complex models and scenes then our competitors do, and you can show them not only on High-End PC but also on mobile devices and from websites.

Our mission is to provide Google for architecture, so people can easily explore space in right way and select interesting variants from home. And in our vision, tommorow world will have some kind of VR teleport and not only in space but also in time, VRNET will allow people to test future before building it.


Why is VR important to the property industry?

We are people from the 3D world, we used to it. And when some tries to explain to us new amazing space using blueprints or 2d images we can not understand it. VRNET solves that problem, we allow easily convert architectural project in amazing walkable spaces in wich people can jump using their smartphones. And inside they explore something that does not exist yet like in real life. This is amazing, and because of that, our customers loves what we do. You can explore some of our projects in public gallery.

VRNET.IO - Meet the team

Artem Batogovsky
Co-Founder, CEO

Anastasiia Zahorodniuk
Co-Founder, COO

Anna Gradil
Head of Business Development, UK

Andriy Kobzar
Principal 3D developer

3D engine development