Augmented Reality (AR) and the property industry

Author - James Birch
Published - 25/09/2017

At VRNET, we focus alot on virtual reality (VR), but we keep an eye on all technology. Augmented reality (AR) is starting to cause ripples in the architecture and property industries, with Apple launching ARKit and Google following up with ARCore, augmented reality has been propelled into the mainstream and, due to the widespread use of iOS and Android, AR is now available on a large amount of phones and devices.

So how will augmented reality help architects, property developers, interior designers and real estate firms by converting their 3D designs into augmented reality?

The Design phase

As we have discussed in previous blog posts, architects can benefit from seeing their designs in the 3D world while they are making decisions on how the property should look and work. While virtual reality offers a fully immersive way to explore the architect’s designs, augmented reality can also allow the architect and their client to view the space in a 3D demo, using a mobile device like an iphone or android phone or tablet/ipad. Software like VRnet Studio will be able to quickly convert the architect’s 3D design files into an AR augmented reality demo.

Additionally, augmented reality is becoming a great tool in the interior design world. Interior designers and their clients are able to use AR to position, for instance, a life sized, realistic table and chairs, anywhere within a room, instantly getting a feel of how they will work in the property.

The Sales phase

In pre-construction, construction and when ready to move in, augmented reality can play a vital role in marketing and sales. By sharing the 3D AR demo using apps on Apple’s app store or Google Play, potential customers can start exploring the property’s interior and exterior from the comfort of their home.

The novelty alone can attract potential customers, but the ability to begin to see how the space works in the 3D world can have a major effect on purchasing decisions.

VRNET and augmented reality

We are currently about to enter beta phase for our 3D to AR conversion software. This will allow simple and quick automated conversion from all of the major 3D software to ARKit, ARCore and other augmented reality platforms.

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