How to get your OSIG for Samsung Gear VR

Author - James Birch
Published - 01/05/2018

We love the Samsung Gear VR, it’s balance of features and price are outstanding and it is one of the most popular vr headsets our clients use. But it also comes with a few headaches, one of which is finding an easy way to test a VR app before it is launched to Samsung Gear VR’s store. Unfortunately, we cannot just send a file over for you to launch. There are a few steps required before we can build a demo app for your device. In this blog we will run through the process in as simplified a way as possible.

Step 1:

First, you need to find your device ID of the phone you will be using in your Samsung gear VR. The best and simplest app we have found to do this is “Device ID

Once installed, launch the app and scroll down to the “Hardware Serial” section.

OSIG for Samsung Gear VR

Copy this serial and move on to step 2 (If you are already a VRNET client, you can skip step 2, just send us your device serial number and we will take care of the rest).

Step 2:

Follow this link and login using your Oculus username and password (If you have not yet created this, you can do so when prompted).

Copy and paste your device serial number into the OSIG generator. Now you just need to download the file the website creates and store it on your computer. Then when VRNET asks you for your OSIG, just send a copy of this file and we will be able to create a version of the Samsung Gear VR app that you can open directly on your device.

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