Boost your sales with immersive virtual reality showrooms of your 3D property designs

VR Showroom - a breathtaking experience your clients will love

VR MacAir

Your 3D property designs in VR

We will convert your 3D property design into a virtual reality showroom, allowing your customers to walk around in VR and feel the space, scale and atmosphere of their future home

Close more deals with VR

By allowing your potential customers to explore the property in virtual reality, you can attract more customers and close deals quicker

VR for the property industry

A simple solution for architects, property developers and real estate companies to explore the potential of virtual reality



VR Sales Office

Increase your sales with a VR showroom at the office, even before the properties are built


Enhance Online Sales

Effortlessly embed your virtual reality showroom into your site and get more leads



Easily transportable. Take your VR showroom anywhere on your smartphone

VR Showroom Example

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How VR Showroom works


Send us 3D models your architects have made in 3ds MAx, SketchUp, ArchiCAD, Revit

We turn the 3D models into beautiful, professional virtual reality walk throughs

We provide the technology to easily embed walkthroughs into your site and show in virtual reality

VR Showroom Headset Compatibility

Samsung Gear VR


Google Cardboard


Google Daydream


Oculus Rift


HTC Vive

Why is a VR showroom a great solution for gaining sales?

“This is astonishing!”, a real estate agent in his late thirties and wearing an expensive black suit suddenly exclaimed after minutes of exploring a VR model we’d made for a demo day.

Although buying an apartment or a house always involves logical analysis of price, placing, layout and many other factors, it’s still a purchase process. And according to Martin Lindstrom’s bestseller named “Buyology: The Truth and Lies about Why We Buy,” utilizing sensory appeal is the best method to convince customers to buy your product.

This is where virtual 3D models do this job best. Converted from 3D models made in 3Ds Max, Archicad etc, they represent a virtual reality people can immerse in by using a VR headset.

What’s in it for you? Your clients no longer need to imagine their design. Now they can see it in the smallest details and literally feel themselves in their future property.

Can you think of a better sensory appeal to your target audience?

That real estate agent couldn’t. He only said: “Guys, you’ll change my market with these 3d virtual models. It makes the home design so much more realistic and breathtaking than visualizations of our vague and imperfect imagination”.

How to create a virtual showroom?

So how does our technology work?

You send us your 3D model made in 3D Max, ArchiCAD, SketchUp or Revit and we will turn it into a virtual reality showroom.

Then you can use it in a few ways:

— show it to your clients via a VR headset. As of now, you can get HTC Vive or Oculus Rift for this matter. On top of that, you can take advantage of your smartphone installed into a head mount. Here you can choose from these options: Google Cardboard (the cheapest option), the most compatible View Master, Google Daydream or Samsung Gear VR, the top option offering the fullest immersion thanks to the best picture quality.

— publish your virtual reality walkthrough on your site and social netowrks. Your visitors will be able to explore it just like they walk in a 3D game. If you post a gallery of previous 3D models, this will be a great incentive for a visitor to come to your sales office and explore your currently offered property with a real VR headset.

And the best thing is you don’t need to learn any game engine to create VR models. We will do everything for you. Embedding a virtual showroom into your site will also be a piece of cake for you with our technology.

Enjoying a virtual showroom with cardboard headsets

Our potential customers sometimes have doubts: will our technology indeed attract clients and boost sales? After all, people are different in different regions, and property is not apples, the purchase decisions are much more complicated here.

In such a case, we can make a single virtual showroom for you so that you could test our technology on your own. To minimize the investments, get the cheapest VR headset available on the market, which is Google Cardboard (~$5-$35).

That will be enough to see how virtual showrooms can immerse your clients into their future homes and motivate them to purchase your property. Later, you can switch to a better VR headset. With it, you will still be able to view 3d models you had before.

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